Early June = Mid-August

The wind has settled down since last we were on Colorado’s Front Range and that’s a nice experience. Yesterday’s clouds gave way to sunshine and still air today and the morning sun is baking the earth like a pizza as I write this. Not a cloud in the sky! The idle chit-chat I hear is often about how “we could use some rain” and “there sure is a lot of pollen drifting around”.

Since I’m staying at the foot of Green Mountain I went for a bike ride on it. I made a second-best choice of trails and ended up with a hike-a-bike adventure. I saw a lot of wild flowers and the audio scene was dominated by meadow larks and crickets. The ground game was populated by rabbits darting every-which-way and a lone buck eating spring grass from a meadow. Delightful!

Once I hike-a-biked to the summit I was able to ride around the top and came down box-o-rocks trail and back to the campground.





Motel to the RV to the Jeffco Fairgrounds

It’s good to be home! We’re back in the RV with it’s repaired roof deck and new rubber roof membrane. We also got a MaxxFan installed and I’m very happy with it. It can move a LOT of air and even when it’s 80 outside the breeze inside makes it okay. Before I would have gone all A/C on an 80-degree day, but the fan keeps it tolerable.

We did a little street-camping a couple nights this week. Spent the evening shopping at a local big box then moved to a nice industrial area for some Zzzz. A thunderstorm rolled through the area in the evening and cooled everything down. Ran the MaxxFan and was plenty cool.

During the day we parked at a park near my sister’s house so I could help with a garage sale and order some new counter tops for her kitchen. The boys have been logging a lot of indoor-time since we’re in a big city and there are many scary things to run from here.

After a few nights we moved to the Jeffco Fairgrounds. The Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Lakewood CO has a 40-spot campground. RV’s and tent accommodations with showers, free WiFi, water, and electric. Prices range from $25 for a tent site to $40 for a 50 amp site (per day in 2018). I have some work planned while I’m here and it’s a lot easier to get stuff done when I’m not towing the RV everywhere I go.


The campground is not one of those fancy state parks with trees and grass. This one is mostly a dirt lot with water and electric connections. Since it’s getting within kissing distance of 90* here that grid-powered A/C sure is a bonus! The park is very near the highway so there is the sound of car tires on pavement, jap-bikes and harleys revving their motors as the race down the interstate, and jake-brakes. The campground staff and hosts are delightful and our fellow campers are friendly and considerate so we got that going for us!