Springtime to Delmoe Lake Rd


Crazy Mountains in the distance

Further west today we climbed away from the Yellowstone river and northward toward Butte, MT. We found a camp-spot off of the road to Delmoe Lake and spent the afternoon under gray skies and an intermittent rain/ hail mix.


The morning low was 33* and a heavy dew coated all the cold surfaces at sunrise.







Sheridan to Springtime, MT


The Native American Monument

We stopped by the Little Bighorn Battlefield Monument between Sheridan, WY and Billings, MT. I was last here in the early 1990’s and since then they have built a native american memorial site which has many quotes from the defenders who fought in that battle. The first time I was here was in winter and the crowds were very thin. I might have been the only one there that day. This time I went in early July, about a week after the June 25th date of the battle, and it’s much warmer, and there are many more people! Schools out!


Little Bighorn Battlefield in bloom

The balance of the day was spend following the Yellowstone river toward the west. The river valley is green this time of year and the pastures are dotted with cows and horses.

Casper to Sheridan, WY


West of town lie the Big Horn Mountains

My friend Kurt has been living in Sheridan for about 33 years now and I haven’t been here in about 16 years so it was high time I stopped by. Sheridan is a delightful town in an beautiful area of Wyoming (In early July anyway. In winter it’s 30-below and icicles dangle from the ears of cows like chandelier earrings). There is a long and rich history of indigenous Americans, the wild west, and ranching. There are several nearby museums chronicling the history of the area.


A surge dam from the log flume system

Kurt and I took a drive through the Big Horn Mountains. We followed the trail of the Tie hacks (people who cut railroad ties for the transcontinental railway system) from the high country down the log flumes to the place where the sawmill use to stand. We also stopped at the Antelope Butte ski area for a fundraiser. The ski area shut down 14 years ago and will re-open this winter. The day we were there it was cool and a bit rainy, but the brats were hot and tasty. Lots of local people are excited for the reopening of the ski slopes this winter.


Kurt and I at the Antelope Butte Ski Area fundraiser

In addition to my high-school friend Kurt and his wife Jody, I also got to meet up with Kurt’s mom and discovered to my delight that Kurt’s brother Toni and his wife Cathy had moved back to Sheridan and set up their own ranch.