Terms of Service

Anything not specified in the “included” section of the work order, including, but not limited to:  Hidden damages, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, insulation, permits, sealing grout, roofing, siding, facia, soffit, paint, stain, cost of building materials, snow & ice removal or rental equipment.

Change orders:
Any changes in the scope of the work order, will necessitate a change in the price.  Change orders require payment at the time of change.  Canceling a change order may not result in a refund of the full change order price.  Expenses which have been incurred between the time you make the change and the time you cancel it will be deducted from the refund amount.

On projects lasting a day or less payment is due when I start cleaning up the job.  On projects lasting more than a day but less than a week, a deposit is due the day I begin (or before I order materials) and final payment is due when I start cleaning up the job.  On projects lasting more than a week a deposit is due when I begin (or before I order materials), a payment is due every week on Friday morning, and final payment is due when I start cleaning up the job at the end.  I accept cash and checks. Past due payments are charged 1.5% interest compounded monthly.

Length of time for your project:
Your project will have a set amount of time in my schedule based on the original estimate/work order.  If you add change orders it will likely increase the amount of time required to finish your project.  The added time may not be during the original project schedule.  Other projects are also scheduled before and after yours, I may need to schedule some of your changes at a later date.

Billable Items:
I bill for time spent on behalf of (or for the benefit of) the project including, but not limited to: transportation, materials, materials acquisition, rental equipment, time at the project site, vendor services, consultation in person and via electronic means, billing questions and/or research.

Extra trips and setups:
In the estimate/work order, I have figured the number of times I will have to set up and take down my equipment.  If extra set ups are required due to delays caused by others, you will be charged for the additional time.

The initial visit to your project is free.  Subsequent visits and the time spent on planning the project will be added into the project cost.

These are the actual materials used to produce the job, including related supplies such as fasteners, caulk, plumbing fittings, electrical wiring devices, consumable tools, etc. M&M’s are considered materials under the terms of this agreement.

Materials Warranty:
I will not be your agent in claims arising from the failure of any materials you choose and/or provide that I install in your project if they have been installed in compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and are generally considered to be suitable for the application.  You will be responsible for handling warranty claims for any materials, supplies, appliances, or other items you supply that are used on the job.  Removal and/or reinstallation of defective materials requires a change order.
If materials I choose and provide for the project fail then I will handle the warranty claims and/or replacement of the defective item.

Limitations of Warranty of Tradesman’s Work Product:
If any mistakes, omissions, or discrepancies are found to exist within the work product, the tradesman shall be promptly notified so that he may have the opportunity to take whatever steps necessary to resolve them.  Failure to promptly notify the tradesman of such conditions shall absolve the tradesman from any responsibility for the consequences of such discrepancies.  Actions taken without the knowledge and consent of the tradesman, or in contradiction to the tradesman’s work product or recommendations shall become the responsibility not of the tradesman, but of the parties responsible for taking such action.

Wood and Colorado:
The humidity in Colorado is very low, and because of this wood products will shrink over time.  This is not considered a defect by wood product producers and manufacturers.  Wood is connected to wood and other materials with nails and/or screws.  Hiding these fasteners may not always be possible.

Handrails are made up from fittings and straight sections of wood cut to a similar profile.  The machines that cut these parts have slightly different cutting blades and as a result the parts do not line up perfectly.  These parts are sanded after they are put together in order to line them up better.  It may not be practical to sand the joint to a perfect fit on all sides.  Sanding will remove any finish from pre-finished parts.  Since the handrail parts come from different trees they may take stain differently and therefore the color of the rail may vary.

Matching Materials:
I call attention of the Owner/Customer to the limitations of matching existing materials, and while I shall make every effort to match existing materials, texture, colors and planes, exact duplication is not promised.  I shall have the right to substitute materials of similar quality, pattern and design if unable to obtain the exact matching materials.

Square and plumb:
Out of square and plumb conditions of existing structure will require some of the same (out of square & plumb) in new work to properly mask the existing conditions and not call undue attention to those details.

Hidden damages:
For the purpose of this agreement, a hidden, concealed and unforeseeable condition shall mean a condition not readily observable to an experienced tradesman inspecting the property for the purpose of estimating for and performing the work specified within the contents of the agreement.

Access to work:
Owner/Customer shall grant free access to work areas for workers and vehicles and shall allow storage of materials and rubbish.  Owner/Customer agrees to keep driveways clear and available for movement and parking of trucks during normal working hours.  This includes removal of snow and ice from driveways and walkways.  If we have to clear the snow from driveways and walkways you will be billed the current hourly rate or the cost of service.

Utilities and toilet facilities:
Owner/Customer agrees to make toilet facilities available to all workers or compensate workers for the cost of rented units.  Tradesmen will furnish their own towels for use in the customers bathroom and leave the bathroom as clean as they found it.  Electric, water, and other utilities shall be furnished by Owner/Customer at no expense to the tradesmen.

Snow & Ice removal:
Owner agrees to keep driveways and walkways clear of snow & ice.  If we have to clear the snow or ice from driveways and walkways the cost of such service will be added to the project cost.

Protection of Owners property:
Tradesmen shall not be expected to keep gates, doors and the like closed for animals and children.  Owner agrees to remove and/or protect any personal property, in or near the work area, including furniture, artwork, pictures, shrubs, flowers, wall hangings, knickknacks and the like. Proof of insurance shall not be provided by tradesman.

Owners signatures:
The Owner/Customers agree that either of them may sign a change order, and that signature will be binding on both.

Acceptance and timing:
Allowing me to begin work, signing the work order, or authorizing me to order materials or services constitutes a constructive acceptance of this agreement and the terms therein.

The most important thing to understand about this estimate:
Pricing a remodeling job is nothing more than educated guesswork.  There is no practical way to know beforehand what’s behind the walls, whether it be substandard workmanship or damage.  The price I estimated for the job has been calculated in good faith but is by no means final.  The actual job total may be more or less, depending on the actual time and materials involved.


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