Was it worth it?

Year four and counting

I just finished re-reading this blog I’ve been writing for the past four years and the answer is: I don’t know.

I can’t A/B test my life so there is no way to make a comparison. There are some things I miss about that old house: My friends, The washer and dryer, The big cat yard, The big garage, The Mexican place two blocks away.

I don’t miss the big-city smell or the traffic. I’m glad to have re-connected with some old friends and made new ones on the road. I don’t spend any time fretting about tomorrow, if it’s nice weather I ride, cats go out, cats come in.

Was it worth it? It turns out this is the only answer I have:

Life is a perfectly unfolding adventure; you will not miss out on anything you are meant to experience

Bon Voyage!