Adventure Bike Prep

What I’m wearing (minus the hydration pack)

After months of thinking and list-making it’s finally time to start piling up the gear I will take on the trip

The stuff on the right is going in the cargo hold. The (heavy) hydration pack is a wearable

It feels like I’m wearing more than I’m carrying in the panniers. The riding pants, jacket, boots, hydration-pack, and helmet feel close to 30 pounds. There is about half that weight in the panniers

I tried all the things on while it was close to 90* outside and it feels hot too. The ride out to meet my friends will be in the 80’s and 90’s. Where we’re going is forecast to be lows in the mid-30’s and highs in the upper 70’s. I suspect I’m going to be both hot and cold on this trip. If the weather holds I might not be wet so that would be a plus

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