The Gates of Flathead County

There are oodles of gates around here. I suspect about 90% of the dirt roads are blocked by a gate. I took a ride up to the lookout tower and gated-out about a half mile short of the tower. Then I went in search of Lost Lake, gated-out miles from the water

Lets see if we can find it

The ride up the road was nice. Trees, rocks, bear prints. The usual

NF 511 on the way up to the lookout tower
Husqie ADV 450 in it’s element and aired down to 10 psi

NF 511 is nice and smooth at the bottom and gets steeped, looser, and rockier as you climb it. I ended up airing down to 10 psi to take the rough out of the road. It’s doable in a Subaru wagon if you know how to drive. The dirt road to the gate is about ten miles. There are many trees overhanging the road so expect to get some pinstripes along the way

Lookout! Tower!
Locked gate on the way to the lookout tower
Bear paw print on the NF 511 road
Bear paw print on the NF 511 road
Locked out on the way to lost lake

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