Montana Round Up

A foggy morn’ in an empty RV park

Here we are at the end of our stay in Big Sky Country and this is my impression of Northwest MT. Trees, plenty of trees. Mosquitoes, plenty of those in June and July. They taper off in August. Fires, lots of fires. Tons of smoke too.

Flathead County seems to be a popular tourist destination as well as a popular place to work from home. Somewhere between 30,000 and 100,000 people moved here to sit at home during the pandemic. House prices are through the roof! Traffic sucks! Glacier N.P. is packed solid with tourists

Blue sky and single track

There is some mountain biking around Kalispell so that’s fun. The forest roads are usually private roads and they don’t go anywhere except private timber land so that’s a bummer if you want to UTV or dirt bike. There are bears in the woods so riding a Mtn bike alone out there is not the best plan. Ditto for hiking alone

Bring a boat. There are a lot of lakes around here and you can put a boat on most of them. If you like to fish, all the better

Fog. The end of August this year has been foggy in the mornings. I like foggy mornings 🙂

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