Show Low, AZ


Lucky in Show Low!

I pulled into the Home Depot parking lot to buy some supplies and I heard air hissing. One of the truck tires had sprung a leak and I just happened to hear it as I walked by. Brilliant!

I checked the tire and it was down to 30 psi from 80 psi. I started the air compressor (yes, I carry an air compressor) and aired it back up to 80 then asked the all knowing google about tire repair. There was a Discount Tire four miles away so I headed over there.


The tire repair took about and hour so I went for a walk and came across a chiropractor’s office. Since I needed an adjustment I went in and they were able to see me! More Luck!


It was fabulously lucky the tire didn’t go flat on the road, that would have ruined it for sure. I had originally planned to just over-night in Show Low, but instead I got to meet some local people and do business with Show Low businesses.

I was also very pleased that the area around Show Low is rolling mountains and a mix of pine, pinion, and juniper trees. It is a very pretty area I will plan to return and stay awhile.

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