Page Springs, AZ

Page Springs Park on the banks of Oak Creek
After a cool night in the tall pines we headed north-bound out of Payson. We climbed up past Strawberry on the Zane Grey Highway and made a lunch stop near 29-mile lake.


Off-pavement near 29-mile lake

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 17.54.07

One of the many builder’s stickers on the side of the RV

We did a little Off Road x 4-ing with the RV. That extra ground clearance came in handy for towing through some dried-up mud holes. Back on the road we drove down valley to Camp Verde, hopped on the super-slab for a couple miles and then west to Cornville. By late afternoon we were in Page Springs napping next to Oak Creek.


Oak Creek behind the RV



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