Caldwell to Hot Springs Campground

IMG_2072 (1)
Near Garden Valley ID

We were heading from Caldwell to Stanley, ID and google maps says it’s a 3-hour trip. Google must be a local driving a Subaru Outback because there is no way you can pull a trailer betwixt those places in 3 hours. After 4 hours of driving we pulled into the Hot Springs campground, had dinner, and went for a walk to the hot springs. With at least an hour-and-a-half left to go before we get to Stanley it was a fine place to stop and rest.


Hot Springs to FR 195
Two more hours to pull a trailer as far as speedy-google-zåles can motor in an hour. We did find a nice wide, flat spot to park the trailer and wait for a friend to catch up to us. The grass has all gone dormant here and the trees are turning yellow at this elevation. Last night the temps dropped into the 30’s and I expect well below freezing tonight.



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