Stanley ID to Alta WY

We left the Sawtooth’s on the last warm day of the week and headed toward the Tetons. Winding our way down along the river was delightful. Nice fall scenes most of the way as the valley opened up and the road straightened out. I stopped in Arco to get gas, do some laundry, and surf the ‘net. Back on the road we’re back-tracking our route a bit across the Idaho National Lab area. Lots of sagebrush and wind. Lots of sagebrush and wind.

Stanley to Alta Part II
There was frost on the windscreen overnight. We stopped for the night out on the windy sagebrush plains west of Rexburg ID. Next morning we rolled into town and bought some propane at Alpine Propane. $16 filled a 30 lb tank. From there it was east again to the foot of the Tetons where we scored a nice camp spot on a creek.


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