Trip to the beach day

Day One

I totally spaced taking a picture of the ocean so here is a picture of kitty in his happy place

We took a drive from Cotati to Bodega Bay & Bodega Head to see the big water. It was a delightful no-rain day. The waves were fairly big and crashing into the rocks so I really enjoyed that.

We also stopped at a different spot on the beach where the under-toad was very strong! There is a big sign warning beach-goers of the danger. Apparently the surf can kick your legs out from under you and drag you far out to sea where only sea lions dare to go.

After the beach we stopped for fish and chips at a great local restaurant. I saved part of the fish for the boys 🙂

Day Two

Remembered to take a pic this time

Spent the day at friends house on a cliff overlooking the ocean. The hawks were soaring and the deer were browsing while the wind blew rain against the windows. It was lovely even though we were too far from the ocean to walk down and touch it.




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