Moab is Filling up

Kane Creek 4×4 trail part II

Kane Creek part II, The walking tour

As you recall I got skunked on my quest to ride Kane Creek 4×4 route from end to end. Thwarted just two miles from the end I turned tail and rode back to Moab the way I came. Turns out that was a good plan!

The last Champ section before Hwy 191. This is the easiest of the three options for climbing out of this place

My concern was that the trail would get worse and I would get stuck between two sections I could not ride. That was SOOO true. The two miles I bailed on were mostly unridable. Unless you are an expert rider on a trials bike

Yet another Champ section on the Kane Creek 4×4 route. 12 psi in the front. 8 in the back baby!
And another Champ section

I did have a grand time walking it though. This area is so beautiful in the spring! There were tiny lizards running to and fro, green trees, and a clear flowing creek

Kane creek disappearing down a slot in the sandstone
Lush aspen grove in Kane Creek
Another sunny cool day on the Kane Creek Trail
Having a yard sale on the Kane Creek Trail
I walked down to this bridge when I rode Kane Creek from the other end
Check out the fuel cap that got smashed off a UTV on one of the Champ sections

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