La Sal Loop

It was a little chilly on the road, but not that cold!
Between the La Sal loop and Moab on the Sand Flats Road

After the Kane creek adventure I hooked up with the La Sal loop in Spanish Valley and rode it around to the Sand Flats Road

Camp spots were still closed Memorial day weekend 2020

It was cold enough up on the hill to make me put my coat back on. Covid-19 has most of the campgrounds closed in the area. That’s not stopping some people from camping there anyway, but hey, this is ‘murica. It was a pleasant ride on mostly decent pavement around to the Sand Flats Road. They call it Sand Flats for a reason. The road is half-dirt, half-deep sand with a few rocks jutting out at odd angles just for fun

Snow-capped La Sal’s from the Sand Flats Road
Entrance to the Slick Rock Trail

The Sand Flats Area includes the Slick Rock Trail which is super grippy when dry. Super slick when wet. I stopped for a scenic break out on the slick rock

Taking a break on the Slick Rock Trail

The Mtn Bikers always look at the moto’s with distain on the trial because they don’t know it’s actually a moto trail that you can ride bicycle on. Silly rabbit

Cross-walk in Moab. So festive!

Down from the Sand Flats Road into Moab and the cross-walk is looking festive! As I was loading the bike up a deer came to see me

Local wildlife in Moab. Deer in a vacant lot! I know! who would have thought Moab would still have a vacant lot!

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