Mikey’s Gas & Diesel Shop

Kalispell MT 59903

Like it says on the card. FYI the area code is 406

As you may have read below we lost 5th gear in Truck 2.0 and ended up driving 500 miles in 4th gear. Slow going for a few days. When it happened I called a bunch of shops in Billings and one of them, which was 2-weeks out on repairs, recommended Mikey’s Gas & Diesel Shop. I called Mike and he got the ball rolling on repairs by ordering the parts he needed.

The pesky 5th gear retaining nut. This one is an improvement over the original, but still slipped

I dropped the truck off Thursday morning hoping it was not going to turn into a big week-long project and got lucky. Super lucky. Mike and his crew had it fixed in several hours. And the price was super too!

The back of the tranny where the 5th gear resides. All clean now!

If you have car trouble in Kalispell I can recommend Mikey’s Gas and Diesel Shop

The front of Mikey’s shop

Below is a link to a map, etc. They don’t have a web site:

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