Post, Tx

Heading west the rolling green hills near Jacksboro slowly morphed into flatter, browner terrain including flat-top mesas bristling with wind-farms. Highway 380 in west Texas has a surprising number of roadside sculptures. We saw an enormous steel bull (to be expected) a cute little red fox, and a large steel prickly-pear cactus in full bloom (two surprises).


I saw this on the horizon from about 15 miles away.  I stopped and counted the bullet marks on the big brown bull. There were about a dozen hits to the left cheek. This sculpture is on Highway 380 between Throckmorton and Haskell (I think).

I had originally planned to make camp east of Post TX and then stop overnight at Coleman Park, the City-owned camp ground in Brownfield TX. As it turned out I only stopped there to use the dump-station and add some water to the tanks. I was quite impressed with the facilities and the cost was a donation to support the camp ground.

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