Bottomless Lakes State Park near Roswell, NM


I choose to stop here because it was along my path and it held the promise of an electric hook-up in the day’s 87º high temperature. It turns out that in addition to electricity it is New Mexico’s first State Park which was founded in 1933. The lakes are not actually bottomless, the deepest is about 90 feet, the shallowest around 18 feet deep, but there is a fascinating crescent shaped building with a tower around the swim beach. I can imagine what a grand place this was when it was new.

Bottomless Lakes SP is close enough to Roswell that I could run into town for supplies. There is a Target, Walmart, several nice grocery stores, and gas stations galore. The park also hosts a free WiFi hot spot so that’s super convenient.

In addition the the grocery-run I took a tour of the airport south of town. The Roswell airport is an airplane graveyard and there are a great many retired airliners in different stages of getting recycled. It is like recycling aluminum cans on a huge scale.

On my walk around the campground in the evening I met Kate and Francis who are nearing the end of their year-long travels in a jeep Liberty ( and looking for a home south of the snow.

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