Jeffco Fair Grounds to Boyd Lake


The last time we were here it was near freezing (0*C), the rain was turning to ice whenever it touched anything, and the robins were puffed up like tribbles. This time it’s near 90*F (33*C), the lake is a-buzz with watercraft, and kids are making s’mores. What a difference!

Last time we came this way I ran the truck/ trailer over the nearby CAT scale to see what we weighed. That time we came in at 14,660. As we went by our storage unit a couple weeks ago we dropped off a few hundred pounds of things we didn’t use in the past two months and the goal was to lose 600 pounds. We drove over the scales again this time and weighed in at 14,760 – somehow we gained 100 pounds. Likely because of mistakes I made in fuel or water quantity not being the same even though I thought I had full fuel and water on both crossings. So be it – Truck 2.0 does not seem to care about 600 pounds anymore (see Repairs and Mods below).

I got up with the serious fisher persons this morning and went for a bike ride. The sun was just rising and the temperature was delightful. Baby bunnies darting every-which-way and sleepy-face ducks waddling to the shore. And gnats. Gnats get up early too.


Tech report – Boyd Lake State Park does not have a strong verizon-signal. Even though it’s in a neighborhood of Loveland there is only a 3-bar 3G signal and a 1-bar LTE signal. Enough to make calls and text, but too slow to use the internet.




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