Laramie to Casper, WY


A monument to the oil wellian west

Spent the morning going hiking and cleaning the house. It was a delight to be camped at Tie City. Spent the afternoon beating our way north into 30 – 40 MPH headwind/ crosswinds over some very wavy roads. Not rough like the top contenders on my Worst Roads List but wavy like driving over a black-top ocean. The ride in the truck felt like a giant hobby-horse gone horribly wrong. Wanna make america great again? Repave all her roads.

Driving into a 40 MPH wind is about the same as climbing over Vail Pass only it lasts for three hours! This leg of the trip seems like a repeat of the leg through southern Colorado into Oklahoma last April – HOT, windy, rough road, and ending at a truck stop. This time the truck stop is the Hat Six Travel Center and while the fuel is 20¢ more than the quicky mart the parking lot is ginormous!



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