State Forest State Park to Tie City Campground

Called Tie City because this is where a LOT of railroad ties were cut it’s also a premier Mtn Bike riding area just east of Laramie, WY. We were there Tuesday night and got to watch the Tuesday night race series.

Wednesday morning I rode the race course. It was a super ride and I didn’t have to read a map or think about the route because the race organizers had marked it well and left the markers out (I was told there is a Wednesday night trail-run on the same route). It was about an 8 mile loop through forest, across meadows, and a hand-full of creek crossings.


The drive up from Colorado took us through a recent wildfire area on the CO WY border. Many burned trees in the area and the fire danger was still very high as the fire crews mopped up along the side of the highway. A Red Flag Warning and a Fire Weather Watch were in effect during our visit to Larimie and the nearby mountains. I was almost caught up in the Hayman Fire (Colorado in 03 or 04 – I don’t recall the year) so now I’m leery of camping in the forest and when I do I really don’t like to disconnect the truck/camper in case we have to flee in the dark of night.


The Tie City Campground loop is quite rough in places. The road is not very wide and it has deep ruts from rain cutting into it. That said I managed to pull at 23’ trailer past a 35’ class A and find a spot to park. There are 4 or 5 places a bigger rig will fit and the other 10 or so places are for tents, vans, or small trailers. There are pit toilets in the campground, but I didn’t see any water, sewer, or elect service. Cost was $10 per night in 2018. It’s $5 as a day-use area.


Tech report: There was 3 bars of verizon 3G, enough for an internet connection. The LTE service fades in and out so I turned it off. Plenty of signal for talk and text.

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