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New blooms in the park

I’m in stand-by mode these next few weeks. I have a big trip planned for mid-july and I don’t have as much time to play in the desert now that it’s HOT. I did manage to sneak in a couple bike rides though. My friend Tom came to town with The Lost Box and we went riding out in the Kokopelli area

My friend Tom stopped by with the Lost Box Expedition truck this week

Some creative person left a kewl gift for passers-by out on the Wrangler trail

This is so kewl! I saw this on the Wrangler Trail
Baby dragon foot-prints!

It seems there is a baby dragon in the Park making cute little foot-prints



First-off a rant aimed at Target! I ordered some corn chips along with other things and the dufus who packed it put the can goods on top of the corn chips. Grrrrrrr

Cactus Blooms!

Meanwhile back at the ranch … CACTUS BLOOMS!!

Yellow Cactus!

I love these little flowers so much!

This little delight is about 1.5 cm in diameter

I also took a couple rides out where the peeps don’t go and found myself on the Old Spanish Trail above the Colorado River. I’m a little confused as to why anyone would ride this way to get somewhere, and it’s possible that the somewhere that this trail served has disappeared since then (POOF!) []

As advertised

I also took a spin on Lions/ Kokopelli trail since I’ve never been this way before. An early morning delight!

Looking down on Steve’s Loop from Lions/ Kokopelli Trail

I friend of mine went traveling across Texas and stopped at the world’s Largest Bowie Knife (Bowie, TX). I was there a few years ago so here are pictures!

A friend wielding the world’s largest Bowie Knife!
Me, Lana holding Gus, and Mike (it was super-windy that day)