Surf’s UP

We got us a flood advisory this week.

The river level at the flow station

The river is up about 12 feet since I got here in March. All that snow in the high country is melting and washing all manner of strange and nasty stuff down past our park

Peter fire-hosing the silt off the ramp back in April

After the spring rains we washed the silt off the boat ramp

River at maybe 4,000 cubic feet per second

Now the boat ramp is under 12 feet of rushing water heading toward Moab at about 10 miles per hour

River at 37, 000 cubic feet per second
One camper in the park is ready for the flood of 2019


More Spring!

Spring blooms

It’s been an interesting few days. Saturday was the big Fruita celebration honoring a botched bird execution. 21st annual celebration of the time some guy tried to chop a head off a chicken and missed. The chicken’s name was Mike and he lost his face, eyes, beak, etc. Mike managed to live another 18 months before expiring. Sad times

We went in to town to listen to the “good” band play Saturday night at 7:30, but it turns out the actually good band played Friday night and we missed it. Just like Forest Gump’s box of chocolates

Spring blooms

On the plus side more plants are sending up their reproductive parts for the pollinators. It’s been a long, wet, mild spring here and all the growing things are happy about that.

Tiny spring blooms
Pokey spring blooms