The 5th gear on an NV4500 transmission

We had transmission issues on the Montana section of the trip. About 30 miles east of Billings we lost 5th gear. After that we were limited to 55 mph in 4th gear. We were the slow-poke in the right lane. Grrrr

5th gear is a know issue with the transmission in Truck 2.0 and I was hoping I would get away with not having it break. Nope

Limping into Kalispell seemed to be the best option. The wait time to get repairs in Billings was 2-weeks and there was no space in the local campgrounds. Grrrr

I’m outa here!

So long 105º – Hello frosty windshield!

First night out of the desert

We left Fruita before the sun came up and it was still 74ºF. Cruised along the motorway to the mountains east of Toponas CO where the high was 72ºF and thunder storms lit up the afternoon sky. The morning brought a frozen windshield! All hail the glorious rain and cold temps! We saw a yearling moose who was sniffing around the camper – very fun!

Great camp spot

From our first mountain camp we headed to the mountains east of Laramie WY. We camped at 8100 feet so the days were a cool 70-something with 40-something at night. No need for the A/C, but we were running the furnace at night

Great riding around here!

Ride all the rides! We camped near some Mtn bike trails and managed to ride a few of them. It’s nice to have new trails and totally different riding conditions. My local friend and I put on about 50 miles of trail rides during the week. YaY!

Early morning walk on the rocks

The boiz got to go out and sniff the local sniffs, climb the local rocks, and chase after the local squirrels

The ferocious Puma prowls the rocks near the house

We have been enjoying some fine cool temperatures and rain for the past week. That’s about to change! Dammit! The reason for going north was to escape the heat, I can check out but I can never leave. The hotness I planned to escape has moved to where I’m going. Dammit again!


Early Hotness!

It’s over a hundred about a month too soon! I planned to get out of here before this happened! Oops … We were suppose to be in Montana before it went triple-digits in Fruita. Maybe next time

The cacti bloom was a delight this year

Size matters. Although the little guy is the Alpha. I like seeing them together (awwww)

The shepherd watches over his flock of mice