I’m outa here!

So long 105º – Hello frosty windshield!

First night out of the desert

We left Fruita before the sun came up and it was still 74ºF. Cruised along the motorway to the mountains east of Toponas CO where the high was 72ºF and thunder storms lit up the afternoon sky. The morning brought a frozen windshield! All hail the glorious rain and cold temps! We saw a yearling moose who was sniffing around the camper – very fun!

Great camp spot

From our first mountain camp we headed to the mountains east of Laramie WY. We camped at 8100 feet so the days were a cool 70-something with 40-something at night. No need for the A/C, but we were running the furnace at night

Great riding around here!

Ride all the rides! We camped near some Mtn bike trails and managed to ride a few of them. It’s nice to have new trails and totally different riding conditions. My local friend and I put on about 50 miles of trail rides during the week. YaY!

Early morning walk on the rocks

The boiz got to go out and sniff the local sniffs, climb the local rocks, and chase after the local squirrels

The ferocious Puma prowls the rocks near the house

We have been enjoying some fine cool temperatures and rain for the past week. That’s about to change! Dammit! The reason for going north was to escape the heat, I can check out but I can never leave. The hotness I planned to escape has moved to where I’m going. Dammit again!


Early Hotness!

It’s over a hundred about a month too soon! I planned to get out of here before this happened! Oops … We were suppose to be in Montana before it went triple-digits in Fruita. Maybe next time

The cacti bloom was a delight this year

Size matters. Although the little guy is the Alpha. I like seeing them together (awwww)

The shepherd watches over his flock of mice

Yellow Cat

Since I rode about 4,000 miles in the desert last year there are not a lot of places left to explore around here. One of the last is the area between Arches N.P. and I-70 in Utah. There is an old mine out there named Yellow Cat and a highway off ramp by that name that leads to it. I always wondered …

The ADV 450 at the old load-out

I spent a day out there on some surprisingly smooth dirt roads. Thanks Grand County Utah! I don’t know what they were mining out here but if I was to guess I’d say uranium

I think it used to be a bus?

Near the end of the day the clutch slave on the Huskie ADV 450 failed – AGAIN! This is the second time it failed and left me without a clutch. The original one lasted two years (40 miles!!); only got 18 months out of the second one. I ordered a rebuild kit this time and I think I figured out why the factory ones fail. Maybe I avoided that pit-fall when I rebuilt it

That dirt track is a gas pipeline

I rode the gas-line road out to the border of Arches N.P. There is a big parking spot out there and I suspect there are some kewl canyon hikes to be had from there. From the rim I could see tall trees in the canyons and a bunch of slick-rock

North of Arches N.P. with the LaSal’s in the background

The mining roads out here predate the Park. The Park installed fencing to keep the wheels out, but feet and hooves are welcome

Arch on BLM land

There a a ton of roads out here which are not on any maps I have. Most of them are gas-line roads and end at a well-head. One of the intersections had a sign that says “arch” and pointed toward this delightful place

Like it said on the sign: Arch
Looking toward the LaSal’s
Desert Blooms

Freeze Warning and Fire Watch

Climate Change is Real

We had an ice storm the other day

The weather has gone to poop around here. High winds, fire watches, and freeze warnings – Oh My!

My new ride on the Western Rim Trail

I rode the Western Rim last year on the Huskie Adventure 450 and I suspected it would be more fun on an ebike – I was right again!

The Western Rim Trail on a cloudy day

There are a TON of people camped out in the desert now. I saw a cute little guard-bull on the Rabbit Valley road

I saw this dude standing guard on the Rabbit Valley road
Slick Rock! This is on Mel’s loop. It’s the only good part of that ride. The rest of it is deep sand 😦

Mel’s loop is a moto trail and I’ve ridden it a couple times on bicycles. The part of Utah it’s in is mostly deep sand. It’s less busy than Moab or Fruita, but there are still peeps camped out there

Same Kibble, Fresh Bowl

~ Jef Mallett

My new ride!

I got my new bike a couple weeks ago. I’m liking the 27.5 x 2.8 tires on this bike. Rolls over a lot of things my 26 x 2.3’s can’t tackle. The motor makes it way more fun too!

Easter Sunday on the Wrangler trail

The Easter Bunny was out hiding eggs on the trails and I found one! YaY!

Mikel and I rode the Ribbon Trail again

Polly, Kai, and Mikel swung thru Fruita last weekend and we re-rode the Ribbon Trail. I remembered all the kewl parts and forgot all the parts where we had to hike-a-bike. Took the wrong steed, have to remember to take a 25-pound bike next time

Check out the “scoops” over the roof vents. That’ll blow the fart smell out of the bathroom

Sometimes I see the strangest things in this park. Vent covers on backwards is a first though. Later the owner went up and changed them around so they didn’t get ripped off

Sign of the times in Rangley Colorado

I took a little drive up to Rangely on a rainy/ snowy day last week. Cute little town built around ranching and the oil patch. Seems the oil boom let go and then COVID kicked the legs off the stool. The True Value and the Family Dollar are still open. The Italian restaurant was busy at lunch-time, but a lot of main street is vacant store-front

He’s sound asleep 🙂

Cats are weird

Over the hump

Desert sunrise

We’ve turned the corner and the days are getting longer! It’s still winter everywhere north of here, but we’re getting antsy to hit the road

Holiday javalina
Santa brought gifts!
Fixing a sucked chain in a sand wash
Got the shop painted!
Roadrunners looking for bugs
Flowers bloom all year down here

72 Hours at Old Pueblo

Just to break up the week a friend and I went out to the 24 hours of Old Pueblo Race area and rode all the trails

Except for the pallet-nails everywhere this is a nice spot

It took me three days, but I rode all the rides! I was told the winners finish this 24 hour race with over 225 miles behind them. I did it with only 36. I win! (low score wins – right?)

Out riding the Bone trail
Cacti to the left of me, Cacti to the right. Here I am!
Everything pokes, stabs, or slashes. Only the gravel is soft

Moab is Full

We went over to Moab to ride the rides and man is that place full to the brim! In addition to being jeep-something week it was also dim-wit in 2wd van getting stuck in the sand week and wait in line forever at City Mark-up week

On the plus side I did see some squeeee and I got to ride all the rides

So squeeee

I rode the Gemini Bridges trail then walked out to the bridges. First time I was here I rode my bike over the bridge

Over looking Hwy 128

The slick rock trail was still as hard as I remember it being. Mikel and Polly were also in town for the week so we went out to the KlonZo area and rode all the flowing trails out there

Getting ready to ride The Slick Rock Trail

I met up with Tom and the Lost Box for some fun rides

Troy and I out on the LaSal Loop Rd

Troy and I managed to get in a ride from Fruita to Moab via Gateway

About 6″ of white stuff fell out of the sky

End of the season! An early storm blanketed Fruita with some much needed wetness

White Rim Trail

This little gem has been on my bucket list for about 20 years. I wanted to ride it on my XR650L but the fuel tank was too small. Now that I ride the All-new for 2017 Huskie Adventure-450 I had a chance at it

I met up with Stevan of Loose Nut fame out on the trail. Big fun meeting fellow riders!

I met Stevan about 55-miles into my ride. He had come from the west and already done the hard 2/3-rds of the trail when his WR250 died. I towed him a couple miles to the Gooseberry campground where he was able to make cell phone calls. After I rode west Stevan said, “thanks for the tow Mike……..a good Samaritan couple found me at Gooseberry and hauled me out of canyonlands in the back of their van……8 hour ride sitting on a cooler holding up the WR”

Vans are cool!
Less than 3-miles to civilization. Straight up, but only three miles

While I was eating a snack at this cross-roads a guy walked down from Island in the Sky. He said it was very steep!

I found these cute little condos out on the trail. Nice western views
Nice little airport. Wouldn’t want to have to fly the missed approach though

Back in the mining days there was an airport here. No plane on Sundays

The Green river on the west end of the trail. It smelled so good next to the river Mmmmm

The western section of White Rim Trail is a lot more challenging than the east parts. I really liked the section from Potato Bottom to Mineral Bottom/ Creek. Only one steep hill with shin deep poof-sand so I’m good

Western Rim Trail

I’ve been hearing fun things about the Western Rim Trail in Utah so I went and rode it

Delightful Views
I think I see Radiator Springs!
Made it!

After I finished it I discovered I rode it in the hard direction. It’s easy if you start on the south west end and ride it toward Rabbit Valley. All the steep loose hills are descents instead of climbs. This would be more fun on a bike, and a lot more fun on an ebike. Now you know